Thursday, July 2, 2009


Here are some pics of my latest project, I should have Vietcong and Nva painted by the end of next week, so hopefully will be playing Ambush Valley before too long. This is about two thirds of the jungle terrain that I have made so far, I plan to make about another 12 elephant grass stands that will give me 20 or so. I have about 15 forest/palm tree stands and plan to make another 10 or so.

I will be making more buildings when my local supplier restocks on milliput, hopefully fairly soon.

Sorry the pics aren't to great but it was either those or a toddler eating the lichen!!!


  1. That's quick. From Piers' game to your own set up in two weeks!
    Love that last photo. Great paddy fields.

  2. Great stuff! I myself have recently embarked on a 15mm Vietnam voyage (having spent many years as a 25mm die-hard). I'm using a mix of Flashpoint minis and some converted FOW soviets and vehicles. Your terrain is inspiring, and it's nice to see someone else base 15mm individually. What/where do I get Ambush Valley from?


  3. Hi Feral,
    Ambush Valley is a supplement for Ambush Alley Games, force on Force Ruleset. I got a playtest copy from the author of the supplement Piers.I think they are planning to release it later on this year. I would love to see some photos of your converted figs do you have any photos posted anywhere?